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1st PayTech Report

Dec 16 Mediobanca Edizione virtuale 20121 ,Milano MI

The world’s leading international PayTech companies returned to growth in 2021. The global and Italian sector operators with revenues in excess of €1bn posted 14.4% YoY growth in the first nine months of the year, to reach €110.6bn, following the downturn recorded in 2020 (when revenues were down 2% on 2019 at €140bn). The global market is dominated by the US Paytech companies, which have a market share of 88%, followed by the European groups (10%) and by Latin America (2%). In Europe Worldline ranks first by revenues, with a top line of €4.8bn, followed by the European divisions of MasterCard (€4.4bn) and Visa (€3.1bn), with Italian operator Nexi in fourth position (€2.9bn). This is the picture to emerge from the Mediobanca Research Area’s first report on the Paytech industry. The survey also includes a focus on the Italian market, which recorded aggregate turnover of €240m in 2020 (up 25.7% on 2019).


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